Thursday, December 22, 2005


So to all of you who have said that I am so pro-strike
because it hasn't effected me, 1. I am not as selfish
as that and 2. the strike has effected me. My final
for a difficult course was postponed until the end of
January as a result of my department not wanting
people walking around at night...I disagree
wholeheartedly with the decision and feel that the
department has disadvantaged every student at the
request of a minority. I did my own polling and found
that the majority of students are willing and able to
take the exam tonight. I haven't ended my fight yet...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


So the TWU's strike against the MTA continues today.
I understand how commuters are frustrated, but I
insist that we must stand with the union in
challenging the status quo of poor wages, bad
benefits, and no respect from our employers. Some
people say that if I don't like my work situation, I
should look for another job. Is this a solution? Cut
and run is never a solution in my mind. And like I
said, poor wages, low benefits, and lack of respect
has become the status quo for employers in our
Juan Gonzalez of the New York Daily News writes,
"Have the rest of us been beaten down, exploited and
abused for so long by our own employers that we will
allow transit workers who dare to defend their
standard of living to be painted as thugs?"
I won't.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


How nice it was for the thousands of Transit workers
to take the day off today for my birthday. We are
going to have a huge party...All kidding aside, I
fully support the union's strike today and for as long
as it takes for them to receive the respect and
benefits that all workers in this country should
It makes me very sad to hear New Yorkers blaming the
transit workers and treating them as enemies in this
age-old fight of worker vs. management. American
workers are exploited- the fact that so many of us
allow our employers to do this just makes me sadder.
Why is it that we are blaming the workers today for
their actions, but relieving the MTA and our governor
for their actions? Why are we blaming the Transit
workers for inconveniencing our commutes instead of
wondering why so many employers have insisted that
their employees report for work today? Would it really
effect employers to allow workers that normally take
three buses and a subway to stay home today to get
some Christmas Shopping done?
Unless you are an individual that actually gets to
determine wages and employee benefits, you should
march across the Brooklyn Bridge with your head held
up high knowing that at least one group of workers in
this country is fighting for decent wages, retirement
benefits, healthcare, and respect from their employer.
You should not deny your fellow workers benefits and
salary increases simply because you do not receive
them. I happy with this Birthday present today. It
gives me hope that some Americans still value life
enough to face individual fines, reprimands, and small
paychecks to fight for the collective good. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Wow the holiday season is in full-swing...I guess
that's why I haven't updated this blog in a while.

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