Thursday, June 01, 2006

I knew it...

Since my visit to the Raphael Vineyards on Long Island, I have been singing its praises. Now I finally get validation. The cover of the most recent issue of Wine Spectator Magazine features Raphael Wine- the oaky stuff to all of my friends. It is a great wine and the way they make it is very unique in this age of mechanical production. All of the grapes are hand-picked and then turned into wine using the traditional "Bourdeaux" method. Apparently Raphael's location between Long Island Sound and Peconic Bay mimics the climate of Bourdeaux, France. The only problem I have with the vineyard is that their wine isn't available in enough locations. Buy a bottle or invite me over and I'll bring one.


Anonymous Laura Bisceglia said...

That is nuts- I really didn't like that wine, but I guess you really do know your stuff. Sounds like it would be a good job for you Joe-tasing wine and rating it!

We shouyld invite you to our next tasting party- maybe "oaky" would win!

9:50 PM, June 01, 2006  

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